Anti-Corruption Statement

ZEBAO Group believes that commercial corruption critically affects fair market competition and has a negative impact on the development of market economy. ZEBAO Group adheres to the principle of fair dealing, scrupulously complies with all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations where our company does business, including but not limited to anti-corruption laws in China, the US, European Union and United Nations. We have a "zero tolerance" attitude towards corruption. 

ZEBAO Group has implemented active and effective measures to prevent commercial corruption, as follows:

1. Employee Management: Requires all employees to comply with anti-corruption clauses in the "Employee Handbook" and "Labor Contract" to prevent internal corruption;

2. Supplier Management: Sign a "Procurement Integrity Agreement" with each supplier, and reduce the risk of external corruptions by assessing risk, investigating employee's performance, training, etc;

3. Compliance Management: Hire professional legal and audit consultants to build an effective and sustainable integrity supervision system.  

Integrity Reporting Channels

ZEBAO Group encourages our employees and third parties to report violations, including bribery, embezzlement, false expense claims, connected transaction and unfair competition.

Email: tousu@zebao.cn

ZEBAO Group will keep all reported content confidential, and ensure reporters will be protected from any retaliation.